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  • PEACE OF MIND TERMS & CONDITIONS PEACE OF MIND Ltd, whilst taking every care and skill in carrying out its duties and inspection services will carry out its tasks subject to the following: 1. PEACE OF MIND restricts its inspections to those of a visual nature only. PEACE OF MIND is not therefore responsible for any hidden defects or problems which could not reasonably be discovered by a visual inspection. 2. PEACE OF MIND will pay attention to issues of a health and safety nature, rather than simply matters of building, construction and compliance. 3. Given PEACE OF MIND’s restriction to visual matters, it shall not be responsible for failure to find/detect matters such as: a. structural faults which are not visible or readily discernible by visible inspection b. the incidence of either dry or wet rot not apparent by visible inspection c. water ingress or leaks unless clearly visible d. the integrity and proper operation/functioning of electrical cabling and electrical fittings e. the integrity and proper operation/functioning of plumbing and drainage systems f. problems or defects where the property owner (either past or present) has caused repairs to be carried out which appear to have been done in a tradesman like manner but which are not in fact up to a reasonable or required standard g. problems or defects where the property owner (either past or present) has attempted to have disguised or concealed h. problems which arise in areas where detection or inspection were difficult or impossible at the time that the inspection was carried out 4. PEACE OF MIND can only report on what is visible ore readily ascertainable at the time of inspection. It shall not be in any way responsible for any latent defects which appear or manifest themselves subsequent to a site inspection. 5. PEACE OF MIND will not under any circumstances carry out any invasive investigations or testing without the prior written consent of the customer/client. 6. PEACE OF MIND shall not be responsible for any assumptions that might reasonably be made form an inspection such as apparent compliance with local body permits. 7. PEACE OF MIND shall not be liable for any errors which are duplicated or repeated base on information supplied by third parties such as Local Bodies nor shall it be in any way responsible for any inadequacies relating to information/data supplied by third parties. 8. In the words of our Insurance Company: - a. This property report is a visual one only of the building elements which could easily be seen easily, and does not include any item that is closed in or concealed including flooring, walls, ceilings, framing, plumbing and drainage, heating and ventilation and wiring, etc. Therefore we are unable to report that any such part of the structure is free from defect. b. This property report does not include the structural, electrical, plumbing or gas piping and fitting, home heating state of the premises, as our consultants are not qualified for this but can arrange for these areas to be inspected by those people whose qualification enable them to do so. If for any reason access to any area was denied or unobtainable at the time of inspection and a re-visit is requested, this will be at an extra charge. Payment is due 7 days following the finished report, failure to do so may result in a 10% penalty recurring every 7 days.
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